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Accident prevention

Since 2010, the Berza professional clothing offer has seen the entry of a new sector: safety workwear. These are PPE and clothing necessary to ensure the safety of your business at work, and then here we are, Berza is ready to offer you the accident prevention products of the best brands to protect the essentials for your business: the people who work there. From the construction sector to factory work, the Berza accident prevention catalog is aimed at all industrial sectors (shipbuilding, mining, rescue, engineering) and the agricultural sectors.
It is not possible to provide an exhaustive description online of all personal protective equipment and safety equipment treated, so contact us by clicking here for any request and we will be ready to reply as soon as possible.
If you need to redo all the clothing from head to toe, for you or for your company, one of our experts will follow you in the size test and in the choice of personalized safety clothing with various graphic proposals of embroidery or prints designed to best suit your needs.
The workwear that Berza markets, intended for the accident prevention sector includes:

- Work trousers like Diadora utility, u-power, Issa line
- Work sweatshirts;
- Work T-shirt;
- Polo for work;
- Work jackets such as softshell jackets;
- Work vest, in softshell or padded;
- Safety shoes such as Diadora utility shoes, Calzuro shoes, U-power shoes, Cofra shoes, About-blue shoes, Panther shoes;
- Work gloves such as safety gloves, anti-cut gloves, anti-cold gloves, anti-heat gloves, gloves for chemical protection, anti-abrasion gloves;
- Overalls;
- Dust masks;
- Helmets and protective helmets;
- Fall arrest devices such as harnesses;
- Safety goggles.