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Professional clothing

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Berza is professional clothing that meets fashion, combining the convenience of fabrics with the inimitable Italian style, recognizable in uniforms worn around the world. Disrupting the style of the classic work uniform, Berza every year revisits the work dress giving life to modern uniforms, with a refined design ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding, and we are ready to dress people who want to be recognized, Berza professional clothing is for those who want to stand out from the crowd. In our opinion, the primary purpose of a uniform goes beyond the simple meaning of work clothes, taking on the connotation of a uniform that plays a fundamental role in the image of any business. With Berza aprons we want to bring a smile to your work because whether you wear a smock or a tunic or a chef's jacket, the important thing is that you are happy. Berza's professional clothing puts you at the center, we put passion in our work so that with our uniforms you can do your best. That's why we meticulously study the design and personally test the quality and functionality of each piece of workwear, thus guaranteeing aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to our passion, continuous investment and meticulousness, today Berza professional clothing is synonymous with Made in Italy excellence.

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New uniforms

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Berza professional clothing represents a reference point for the sector because it is thanks to listening to the needs that each of you tells us that we are able to respond to your requests by proposing work uniforms with a unique style that are comfortable at the same time. Berza is a family business made in Italy and made by Italians that has chosen to offer quality uniforms, from fabrics to accessories and professional clothing with inimitable Italian design that is appreciated worldwide. The benchmark for quality aprons and a true reliable partner for people looking for a friend in their trade, Berza more than just a uniform!

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Best selling uniforms

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For us at Berza, continuous innovation is a constant concern. We start from your needs to study how to improve your working day applying the most advanced technologies to create the work uniform par excellence. Among the most important are the stain-resistant technology that makes the fabric resistant to splashes of bleach and bleach, the antibacterial treatment designed to reduce odors due to sweating skin, the no-iron technology through which it is no longer essential to use the iron and the patented Berza cross-back closure that is now the best system on the market for professional clothing that allows the distribution of the weight of the apron on both shoulders, thus avoiding an excessive burden on the back of the neck. Each uniform is subjected to strict Berza quality tests and only if the workwear has passed the tests does it become part of the Berza collections. Every year we reinvest in research and development in projects aimed at improving the offer for our customers who year after year renew their trust in us, enthusiastic about uniforms with updated styles and cutting-edge technology.

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Each business has its own uniform

Berza has been the signature of professional apparel since 1980.
We design, create and test quality work uniforms for every profession: from chef's jackets to beauticians' uniforms to healthcare clothing.

Berza has been a family business for two generations in which the passion for work is handed down and enriched every year thanks to the enthusiasm of the new generations and the experience of the founders. In such a dynamic context, work clothing is constantly evolving, and no longer represents a simple apron worn for the sole purpose of protection, but becomes a work uniform that contributes decisively to the image of one's trade and profession.

Berza's professional clothing grows together with the people who wear it every day, driven by passion for their work. This is why the apron, smock, tunic, pants and all the other accessories of the Berza uniform are the result of continuous investments in research and development aimed at:

  • The ideation and design of styles and trends aimed at creating the fashion content in all collections
  • Rigorous quality testing of fabrics and accessories of the Berza work uniform, to guarantee functionality, practicality and comfort at the same time.

Berza wants to be the partner of professional clothing to dress all the entrepreneurs and all the collaborators who every day dedicate themselves with love to their work.

Workwear since 1980

Since 1980 we have been helping entrepreneurs and collaborators who wake up every day and lift the shutter, dedicating themselves to their work with love. For the tens of thousands who have already chosen Berza professional clothing and for all those who have not yet worn our uniforms, we have always been there and we will always be there, and thanks to our smocks, aprons and work clothes we want to help you make all the people who rely on your professional activity smile. Because we know that the Berza work uniform contributes to improving the image with which you present yourself to your customers, enhancing the product and the service offered.

Why choose the Berza uniform

Because we have always been true to our choice of quality professional clothing, and because of this tens of thousands of companies, entrepreneurs and employees around the world have chosen us.


We put passion in every single garment, this allows us to obtain products of excellent workmanship


If you are looking for something that lasts over time and never loses its vitality, you are safe with us.


Berza is an icon of style since 1980 with satisfied customers and no regrets with every order


An important point for us, we always put a touch of creativity in more thanks to our experience gained over time