Born in 1987, our company provides professional clothing originally intended mainly to activities of hairdressing and beauty salons. The improvement of our production technique makes the expansion of our product range possible. In the 90s Berza professional coats include the cleaning service line and the food line. During the first decade of the new millennium by great demand Berza introduces the medical line to its collections. And in the new decade we are not stopping yet: we start supplying products for the safety, to complete the offer for the working world.

We want to offer our customers the best quality, and that is reason why every year we reinvest most of the profits in R&D. We know that to continue being an excellence of the Made in Italy quality, we must work seriously and with passion.

Yes, passion! Only this way we can guarantee the Berza Style and the Berza Quality that distinguish our brand.

In 2005 we moved to new premises in Albignasego, a town in the province of Padua, to provide a suitable location for our products. So we invested on our business and on the area that saw our birth. We realised that only by investing on something that we really believe in we can grow, and we hope we can make you and your business grow. We would like to help you with what we do best: dressing up your work!


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