Your work is our passion.

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Each year we study a lot, we work hard and only at the end we present you our new models, new colors and new fabrics. We do not follow fashion as mere spectators, but we want to be a point of reference.

The Berza Quality and the Berza Style are our strengths. The professional coat evolves from a simple uniform to a must, for those who always look ahead and who want to invest in the future of the company they founded or the one they’ve been keeping on with dedication until now.

We want to dress up your business, whether it is small or great, because everyone knows that clothes don’t make the man, but they dress him!

Berza fabric

Hair & Beauty professionals

We were born thanks to the creations for the activities of hairdressers and beauticians, and we still choose carefully technical fabrics and stylish lines to suit your taste.

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Food line

From the pub to the bakery, from the pastry to the restaurant room and the restaurant kitchen, our line for the food industry consists of aprons, sleepers, t-shirts, polo shirts, ties, cook jackets, actually everything that your business needs!

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Medical line

And by popular demand, here it is, a line that meets the request highlighted by you, who, tired of the usual uniform proposals, asked us a news for your segment. So, even the classical scrub, the international symbol of the medical sector, with Berza gets colored.

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Accident prevention

Since 2011 our business has seen another development. Today Berza’s offer includes even the accident prevention industry.
Safety at work is the most important thing: security first of all.

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